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Relocation Guide


Q. When do I need to start building and how big of a home do I have to build in La Tierra Escondida?

A. There is no requirement to build in La Tierra Escondida. When you do build 2,400 Square feet of heated space exclusive of porches and garages is required. Substantial completion must occur within 12 months after construction begins.

Q. Can I build any style of home?

A. There are design guidelines that must be adhered to, suggested styles and design elements are required for approval

Q. How do I find information regarding the design guidelines before I buy a building lot? 

A. We have the complete Covenants and Design guidelines online on our web site under the heading of Plats & Prices, use Adobe Acrobat Reader to search and review these pages before or after buying or whenever you have questions.

Q. Are two story houses allowed?

A. The number of stories is not restricted; the restriction is 30'maximum roof peak height.

Q. Are building setbacks different within La Tierra Escondida then other subdivisions in Dona Ana County?

A. Yes there are. We require a 50' front and rear yard setback or from any paved street, and a 30' side yard setback.

Q. Is there any other set back information I should know about?

A. There is a 15' non-disturbance zone along the perimeter of each building lot. With the exception of a driveway entry and curb cut, lot owners may not disturb the natural topography and vegetation on the perimeter of a lot within the 15' non-disturbance zone. This is to create a minimum distance between any improvements on separate properties of at least 30'.

* Q. La Tierra Escondida with all of it's open space, beautiful vistas, and large lots, is it far out of town or far from services and entertainment?

A. Not at all. Golf, restaurants, shopping, sporting events, hospital, New Mexico State University campus, groceries, and access to Interstate 25 north and south are all well under a 10 minute drive from anywhere in La Tierra Escondida. Interstate 10 north & south is less then 12 minutes. Mesilla Valley Mall, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, OfficeMax, Albertson's, Home Depot and other top name shopping and dining options are all under 15 minutes from anywhere in La Tierra Escondida.

* Q. What about other major or regional shopping and services?

A. Sunland Park Mall in El Paso, Texas is under 40 minutes. The new Outlet Mall just across the Texas state line is just over 30 minutes. If you wanted a taste of shopping in old Mexico, the city of Juarez is less then 60 minutes away.

* Q. I travel a lot, how far is La Tierra Escondida from the El Paso International Airport?

A. Starting from the tennis courts on Lazo del Norte in phase 1 of La Tierra Escondida, to the door of the main terminal of El Paso International Airport is 50 miles, and takes about 56 minutes or less depending on conditions.

Q. What are some of the amenities that I could use right now in La Tierra Escondida?

A. Fully paved wide streets with concrete curb and gutter, several miles of paved fitness or walking paths within the subdivision, horse back riding with equestrian easements and access to surrounding public lands, heavily vegetated rolling natural topography for hiking, open space and privacy, private tennis courts and playground equipment, large community tracts, both gated and public access lots are available right now. 

Q. Is there a homeowners association that I'm required to be a member of?

A. As a lot owner you will be required to be a member of the La Tierra Escondida Community Association Inc.

Q. How much is the Dues, when is it due, and where do I pay?

A. Dues currently  are $500 per year, and are due the first day of January each year.
For property owners behind the gates, need to pay $200 road assessment fee due the first day of January.
Payments are made to: LTECAI, C/O Rice & Rice, CPA, PA, 1065 S. Main St., Building E, Las Cruces, NM 88005

Q. Are horses allowed within La Tierra Escondida?

A. Yes, there are a limited number of equestrian lots available in phases 1 & 2 only. These extra large lots, ranging from over 2 to over 4 acres, are located on the western boundary of La Tierra Escondida and horse quantities are limited.

Q. How many lots are there in La Tierra Escondida phases 1, 2 & 3?

A. Phase one is 51 lots, Phase 2 is 63 lots, and Phase 3 will be 54 lots for a total of 168 building lots in the community.

Q. How do emergency vehicles gain access to gated areas?

A. There are several ways in which emergency vehicles enter gated properties. First and foremost emergency vehicles are able to crash a gate open in an emergency situation. However to avoid damage to the gates & emergency vehicles, we provided emergency vehicles with an access code for all emergency responders to allow their vehicles and personnel access to a gated community when the gates are closed.

Q. Where is the closest Fire Department?

A. The Fire Station is located just a few hundred yards east of Las Alturas Road on Choilla Road 4.2 miles away from La Tierra Escondida.

Q. Some people have told me that some subdivisions in the ETZ do not meet county fire flow requirements, what are they, and does La Tierra Escondida meet them?

A. County fire flow requirements are 1000 gallons per/minute for 120 minutes. Happily La Tierra Escondida meets or exceeds this requirement.

Q. I bought a lot, I didn't receive a gate operator, how do I get into the gated areas?

A. There is a procedure in place to insure security. We require a lot owner to sign for, and be trained in the use of, the gate operator and gate operations. Please contact the Association President for specific instructions.

Q. What about Cable TV?

A. Infrastructure was installed in the first phase to provide cable service. However, Comcast, Inc. has recently informed us that they would not make the necessary upgrades to their system to provide service to our area at this time.

Q. Can I get hi-speed Internet service in La Tierra Escondida?

A. Hi Speed is available with a satellite connection like "Fast Wave", "Wild Blue" or "Earth link" etc.

*All distances were timed by driving posted speed limits plus or minus approximately 5 miles per hour. Your actual driving time may vary. Distances measured in miles were taken from the tennis courts to the parking lot unless otherwise specified. Information contained within was provided with the best possible information at the time of printing, and may be subject to change without notice.

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