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As a custom homebuilder, I was recently challenged with the task of finding a truly special lot for one of my clients.  They wanted to be on the eastern perimeter of Las Cruces, have unobstructed views of the Organ Mountains, be at least one acre, and be affordable.

In the end it came down to sites up Soledad Canyon road, and sites in La Tierra Escondida, off of Las Altures drive.  I met with owners of La Tierra Escondida, Mitch and Judd, and they took the time to drive me around their subdivision, and show me several lots that met my client's exact needs.  They were more than patient with me and they answered all of my questions fully.  It was a pleasure being able to pick from numerous lots, which I thought were prime locations with every one having something unique to offer.

When I took my clients out they were leaning first towards the Soledad Canyon area because they thought it was an easier driving route to get into town.  The lots they saw out there were being heavily discounted, and they had a great view of the Organ Mountains.

It wasn't until I took them to La Tierra Escondida did they really appreciate the subdivision to it's fullest.  It was a prettier drive to them with great views of the "entire area" and they had several prime building sites to pick from.  They had all of this and most importantly it fell well within their budget.  They settled on a 1.6-acre lot, in the gated part of the subdivision, which has views of the Organ Mountains, but as an added bonus also views that include the lush Mesilla valley.  All of this, just minutes from the University, shopping, restaurants, and all of the roads were 100% paved.  This last item might not seem much but to my client, a retired Geology Professor, who still does projects with the University, it meant a lot to him to be so close to his work at New Mexico State University.

I have to say in the end it didn't come down to price only, but it was more about the quality of the subdivision, the spectacular views and the easy access to town.  Again, I have to Thank Mitch and Judd for their patience and their help in making La Tierra Escondida a place where my clients can call their home and feel truly good about their decision to buy. 

John G Hadley

Desert Sky Builders, LLC

- Desert Sky Builders

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La Tierra Escondida update
Posted Feb 11th, 2010


Spring is showing up early around Las Cruces as usual. Even though Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, and predicted 6 more weeks of winter, that almost never happens around here.  The days are getting longer and warmer, I saw the Red Eared Slider turtle who lives in my pond come out from hiding to get some sun yesterday, and a large group of bicycle riders getting a workout on the hills in the neighborhood, a sure sign that winter is waning for us.  It's been very wet this year already we are over an inch ahead of the normal local rainfall amounts for this time of year.  That extra rain bodes well for a lush, colorful desert, a summer of flowering poppies all over the subdivision, and surrounding hills and mountains. The desert should be spectacular this year due to the unusually wet winter.

 Some more homes have broken ground, and are under construction in the subdivision.  We are looking forward to an active spring and summer this year, there has already been an uptick in activity, and that has reenergized our optimism.  This past January our annual meeting of the Community Association membership was held. The meeting was well attended, fun, and productive.  I especially enjoyed meeting with so many new and interesting people, every year it just keeps getting better.  The officers are beginning to form some volunteer committees for facilities and landscaping to keep the community looking as good in the future as it looks now, the members are energized and eager.

 Connie & Zane, our Realtors have been busy showing lots' to prospective clients and they have had high interest in the last two remaining Equestrian Lots.  Get um while you can!


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